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Enhance your experience at global events & grow your business!


Next level event preparation

We’ve taken a step further and developed an exclusive, tailored, one-on-one coaching program to help high-potential and high-growth tech companies conquer markets overseas.

We provide eligible companies with battle-tested strategies, as well as insights and actions that enable them to deploy these shows as prime sales and business development vehicles.

How it works

Alex Rossol
COO at AlignVR

Having these regularly scheduled meetings allowed me to capture all the deliverables that I needed and prepare as much as I could for CES 2020. I highly recommend the program.

Raashid Mohammed
CTO at Polytenna

It was a great experience. After the first meeting, I knew the program would help us increase visibility, and make sure other companies knew about what we are doing. We were busy all day long with meetings on the first and second day, and we're looking forward to working with the companies we met here.

Jean-Samuel Chenard
CEO at Motsai

I'd say it probably doubled or tripled the return on the Trade Show investment.

Ryan Donaldson
BDM at ResumeFree

I was blown away by the value that Juliano and Tech West Canada provided to our team prior to attending Web Summit 2020. We were supported and mentored through the process of preparing for the show and they are committed to making sure we get the most profitable and rewarding experience as possible from the event. I would highly recommend and have already started recommending to some of my peers.

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Masha Chernestov
Coordinator #CES2021 at SeeRem

Thank you! The Virtual Trade Accelerator tools actually work.

Peter Hutchinson
CEO at Kaput

I would like to give a big shout out and thanks to the VTA and Juliano Goulart for their support. Going into business and wearing 10 different hats is very challenging. But while going through the program I was given information and suggestions that really helped the business. We were able to Pivot the business with good success and also cost effective ways to expand as a company.

Mehrsa Raeiszadeh
Co-founder at TrafficDriven Inc

We are pleased to inform you that the assistance provided to TrafficDriven Technologies Inc. through the Virtual Trade Accelerator program and our Program Manager, Juliano Goulart, enabled us to complete a significant part of our digital marketing projects and grow our company. As a result of this program, we were able to plan and execute a targeted strategy and to define financial gain including raising a pre-seed round of $580,000 and onboard additional 25 consumers, representing a committed annual revenue of nearly $500,000. We are grateful for the support provided by the program, advancing our marketing strategy and securing the deals outlined above.

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